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Dr. Susan Richards – Prayer Seminar & Training

Saturday, April 22, 1:30-4 pm Valley Christian Center /Worship and Performing Arts Center  Dr. Susan Richards has enjoyed great success as a highly credentialed

Dr. Susan Richards – Prayer Seminar & Training2017-09-07T13:58:19-07:00

Collecting God’s Children (Part-1/10)

Throughout the scriptures, the importance of evangelism is greatly emphasized (Mk 16:15, Jn 15:16, Col 4:5-6, etc). Yet because God has designed

Collecting God’s Children (Part-1/10)2017-09-07T10:50:28-07:00

12 Step Program for Men

Hey Men! I am facilitating a 12 Step Group that will equip you with tools to overcome any type of addiction including;

12 Step Program for Men2017-09-07T10:51:16-07:00

24 Hours of Prayer

September 23-24 (3pm to 3pm) / Worship and Performing Arts Center Samuel Chadwick once said; “The one concern of the devil is

24 Hours of Prayer2017-09-07T11:03:48-07:00

Men’s Prayer Thursday Nights!

An Invitation to all men from Johnston Dravium Dear People in Christ, Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord

Men’s Prayer Thursday Nights!2017-09-07T14:24:37-07:00

Sin is Like a Weed

As a kid, the chore I hated the most was pulling weeds. It didn't matter how much I was going to get

Sin is Like a Weed2017-09-07T14:23:57-07:00

A Prayer for Belgium

Father, we ask that your mercy and blessing would overshadow all of Europe right now. We bring before you requests of healing,

A Prayer for Belgium2017-09-07T14:22:43-07:00

The Committed Heart

The most common question that I receive as a Pastor is "How do I connect with God the same way that you

The Committed Heart2017-09-07T14:12:21-07:00


Seven years ago, Pastor Roger introduced our congregation to Cleansing Stream, and within that time frame, hundreds of members of VCC have