About Laura McLeod

Connections and Student Ministries Pastor at Valley Christian Center.

Winter Camp Recap

CAMP WAS AWESOME!!!!! The kids will say, “Camp was good – I slid down the hill.” SO…

Winter Camp Recap 2017-09-07T10:51:42-07:00

Student Leadership Hour

It's been a long time coming!! We have finally relaunched our student ministry team in the youth group. We haven't met as

Student Leadership Hour 2017-09-07T10:55:26-07:00

Upcoming: Parent-Teen Podcast

Keep your eyes peeled! Coming soon to iTunes is a Podcast produced right here in the Valley Christian Youth Department. The Tri-Valley

Upcoming: Parent-Teen Podcast 2017-09-07T10:55:41-07:00

The End It Movement

Since October, the AP youth have been giving weekly to the End It Movement. "END IT is a Coalition of the leading

The End It Movement 2017-09-07T10:56:11-07:00

I Made Christmas About Family

I learned something about myself this Christmas season. As we were preparing for two Christmas Eve services and one Christmas Day service,

I Made Christmas About Family 2017-09-07T13:58:11-07:00

Winter Camp 2016 Recap!

So, we took 51 students, 7 adults, and 5 people from another church to camp at Jenness Park this weekend. It was

Winter Camp 2016 Recap! 2017-09-07T14:22:30-07:00

My Story – Laura McLeod

I took LifeScript chapter 4 this past month. It was my first time *gasp*! In my defense, I’ve always been teaching or

My Story – Laura McLeod 2017-09-07T14:13:01-07:00

Heard About VidAngel?

My first memorable instance of not being allowed to see a movie was in 3rd grade when Spice World came out. It

Heard About VidAngel? 2017-09-07T14:12:09-07:00