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I came to Celebrate Recovery with low-self esteem, and a co-dependent lifestyle. At my first group meeting, I found people who accepted me for who I was. With tears, I shared the pain of a failed marriage and an abusive upbringing, telling the tale of a father who was too rough, and a husband who masked his pain with a gambling addiction. I expected raised eyebrows and looks of shame, but instead found acceptance, encouragement, and the tools to help me become whole again. Today, I have found my identity in Christ, and am on the road to recovery!

Valley Christian Center has been CALLED BY GOD to be a place that cares for the hurt and broken people of its community. To be a place where the spiritually lost and emotionally damaged will be loved, cared for, and nurtured back to wholeness. Through a dedicated core of individuals, operating within a proven time-tested program, this call is being answered; a city is being reached.

At Celebrate Recovery, PEOPLE BECOME WHOLE AGAIN. People from all walks of life that look just like you and I. They are our friends, our neighbors, our family. They live right here in this city, and they are being equipped with the tools needed to overcome their hurts, hang-ups, and habits. As people become a part of this loving community, they feel safe to remove their masks. And when masks are removed, a deep inner healing begins – they are on the road to recovery.

Celebrate recovery does more than bring healing to an individual city, it brings healing to a region.

Valley Christian Center is part of a network of several local churches that offer healing meetings through “CR” seven days a week. It is our privilege to walk alongside the hurting who enter our doors, and to be a part of a healing program that listens, loves, and equips.

LEARN MORE:  Contact Donna Carvalho at or Pastor Jimi Merrell at or (925) 560-6228.