It started with a vision of kids from my neighborhood. I could “see” them singing, playing games and hearing a Big God Story in our local park. Could we move Vacation Bible School outside the walls of the church and into a public arena? Would kids come? Reserving a park, printing postcards and yard signs, inviting people at the Farmer’s Market and pulling together a team from five churches and the Army base all took more faith than planning a regular VBS at VCC. Stepping into CityBlast was our first step toward mobilizing Family Ministry off the Hill but it won’t be our last! We have a new vision for a new day! The Tri-Valley is our campus!


WE DESIRE TO GROW SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY FAMILIES. We support parents by creating a clear spiritual formation pathway that starts in the crib and leads all the way until young adults reach college. We strive to partner with parents in preparing their students for a lifetime of faith in Christ and a love for and commitment to His body.

WE CONNECT EVERY CHILD/STUDENT TO A CARING, INTERESTED AND CONSISTENT SMALL GROUP LEADER.  VCC is committed to becoming a well-integrated, multi-generational movement. We strive for real integration…this type of integration is more than simply inviting the children and teens to come to the Sunday morning meeting once a month. We’ve created two Student Ministry groups to better address the needs and challenges of each. We are relational and intentional. It is when men and women invest and involve themselves in the lives of the next generation by teaching, coaching, mentoring and engaging students on a week to week basis. In Family Ministry, this is investment for the long haul. It’s like playing for keeps.

Because what you do over time really does matter in the life of a student.


Family Ministry Pastor |  Jennifer Davis | (925) 560-6212 or

Student Ministry Pastor | Anthony McLeod | (925) 560-6213 or