Get to Know a Student! – Saiki Roy

You’ve seen him in the drum cage on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for youth group, but do you know him? Saiki Roy is a Junior at Valley Christian Schools, and he’s a vital part of our youth ministry and our church in general! His heart for worship, for serving wherever he is asked, and his passion to please God in all areas of his life makes him a fabulous leader among his peers.

Saiki is the 4th generation in his family to be born in San Francisco. He lived right by the SF Zoo until he was 4 years old, and his father, Roger, works for a consulting law firm in the city today. His mom works in the home, and in Saiki’s words, her job is basically to make sure the fridge is stocked for Saiki’s massive appetite (and the appetites of all the other “adopted” Roy boys). The Roys also have twin girls, Ana and Lea, who are in 6th grade this year and are an absolute joy to be around.

I’ve known Saiki for almost 3 years now and I’ve seen him do some amazing things. His 8th grade year his passion for music prompted him to lead a week-long “Christian Music Only” fast at his school. He said he did this was because he noticed the difference between songs that were pleasing to God in their lyrics and songs that were not. He noticed the power that music has over us and he wanted to encourage his school to explore the Christian music world. He wanted his friends to change the constant voice they were listening to. I remember when this fast happened. Anthony and I decided to participate to encourage the students, and after that week we extended our fast to a month, and then we began to notice something. We noticed that we were just generally closer to God because the underlying lyrics of the other songs weren’t in our subconscious anymore. Long story short, 8th grade Saiki changed my life and led me to be closer to God!

As he has grown up, Saiki has continued to pursue his love for music and baseball. He’s a catcher on his team, and depending on if he chooses to pursue music or baseball, he hopes to be in the majors one day, or be in a band and make music like Hillsong United. In fact, the worship band he belongs to now is recording their first 5-track album this Thanksgiving break, or this Christmas break – so we wish them well and we’ll definitely be buying their stuff!

Saiki is a young man of character. He is responsible, dedicated, musically gifted (bass, guitar, vocals, piano AND drums), and athletic. Whatever he chooses to do with his life, he will be a blessing to those around him and we are very proud youth pastors! Next time you see him, ask him how his college trip went!


About the Author:

Connections and Student Ministries Pastor at Valley Christian Center.