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I moved to Alameda County two years ago and started visiting churches. After searching and enjoying several, I finally settled on one and became a member in order to be part of the community. There seemed to always be people around, but no one to truly connect with. I remember telling the Lord that I wanted to be part of a church community that looked like the Book of Acts. One Sunday, the Lord prompted me to visit VCC. That week ,Pastor Roger introduced the concept of House Church. It was as if every bell and whistle went off in my spirit. I thought, “This is where I belong.” I have met people I enjoy and they seem to enjoy me. We share meals, laughter, and stories together.  We pray and serve, study God’s Word and worship. I have always enjoyed the services, but now I enjoy the people who have become my dear friends.


Many of us have casual relationships with co-workers and friends, but few of us have deep and meaningful relationships where we can be ourselves with others who love and accept us. Our House Churches are designed for that purpose and so much more…

At Valley Christian Center, we foster genuine biblical community and spiritual growth through small groups. Each week we bring together new and existing VCC church-goers, family members, neighbors and friends. We meet in different homes all over the valley to share in the fellowship of a meal, talk about our day together, lift one another up in prayer, study the Word, demonstrate authentic loving kindness to build up those in the body of Christ, and to reach the cities God loves.

Church isn’t supposed to be a weekend gathering where we come and go without connecting to others. And it’s definitely not supposed to be a place where we’re constantly on our guard, or have to keep up some perfect “religious image” in order to garner acceptance. Our House Churches are safe places to link arms with others and navigate life’s journeys together.


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