February 21, 2017

KidMin | Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures

Dear VCC KidMin Guardians,

In an effort to increase speed, communication, and safety, we will be adjusting our Sunday morning drop-off and pick-up procedures.

When dropping your student off at KidMin, please make sure to keep your sticker receipt. The code on the receipt matches the code on your student’s bracelet. You must present the receipt matching the bracelet of your student in order to pick them up. Please do not have junior high or high school aged siblings pick up your student. Our small group leaders want to communicate clearly, and build a relationship with you, the guardian. Please honor our small group leader’s schedules by picking up your student no later than 15 minutes after service.

When picking your student up from KidMin, please check to make sure that the students are in their small group before attempting to pick them up. Do not let students run to you. You will no longer be asked to wait in a long line, instead, walk over to your student’s small group and hand the small group leader your name tag receipt. Your student’s small group leader will release your student to you and give you any pertinent information from the day or for upcoming events.

Partner with us to keep your student’s safe.


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