Whether you are new to Valley Christian Center, or have been a part of this ministry for years, LifeScript is a tool that will help you grow in your spiritual journey. chapter one sets the groundwork with the story of VCC. chapter 2 launches into how to build a foundation for living out your story with God at the center of your life. Your story builds in chapter 3, where you discover more fully how God designed you. Okay, so now you know how you were designed, but why? Enter chapter 4. This is where you learn how to communicate your story, but equally important, you learn how to listen to the stories of those around you. chapter 5 culminates in an opportunity to address the baggage that accumulates throughout life — we all have it, but here you learn tools for letting it go, and moving forward into the full freedom that God had in mind for you all along.

This is a story that’s worth reading.
It’s about you.
It’s about God.
It’s about us.
And it’s about what we can do when we do it together. Ready?

Let’s delve in!

LifeScript Events
About once a quarter, we will be offering an evening event where you can participate in any chapters that you still need to travel through on your LifeScript journey.  Enjoy dinner with our pastoral staff in between sessions. Take note of the following dates, and look for more information in the bulletin and weekly emails:

Upcoming 2016 Dates:   TBD| 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM | WAPAC

LifeScript Table of Contents:

chapter 1 | God’s Story of Valley Christian Center
Over 40 years ago, God began to awaken a story for a city that was just beginning to be developed. With a small group of people, VCC began in 1963 and has continued to grow in various ways. God continues to write His story for VCC everyday and we’d love to share it with you! Join Pastor Roger and Pastor Don to find out more about VCC’s vision and how you can be a part of it. An invitation for church membership is given at the end of the four-week class, but not required.

Quarterly 4-week Class Schedule: Sundays | 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM | Science & Research Center, Room 102
November 6 – 27
Quarterly Evening Class Schedule: TBD | 4:00 –  7:00 PM | Worship & Performing Arts Center

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chapter 2 | God’s Story
Think about one of your favorite stories…does it involve a hero? Most good stories do! Each of our lives is a story and at the center of our stories is an incredible hero, God. When we decide to step into His story for us our lives change. Along with life change comes a change in priorities and values. Through this class, you will receive a foundation for living out your story with God at the center of your life. You will walk away with practical teaching on spending time with God in prayer and Bible reading, giving back to God, raising your family, and relationships within the church.

Quarterly Evening Class Schedule:  TBD | 4:00 –  7:00 PM | Worship & Performing Arts Center

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chapter 3 | God’s Story through You
You know that feeling we all get at least once in our life, the one where you ask yourself, “What was I created to do?” Perhaps that question has sent you on a search for that one hole in the world that only you can fill, or perhaps it only stopped you in your tracks for a minute. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, it is a question that we all ask ourselves at some point in our life.

The truth is, when God created each of us, He uniquely placed within us spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, and strengths. Coupling all of those with our life experiences makes each of us different. This class will take you on a journey to discover what God created you for. You will take various assessments and reflect on some of your own life to help you along the way.

Quarterly Evening Class Schedule: TBD | 4:00 – 7:00 PM | Worship & Performing Arts Center

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chapter 4 | Bringing God’s Story to Them
Have you ever heard some really great news that you just can’t keep to yourself? Of course you have! But, have you had one of those awful situations where you had good news to share and blurted it out to someone who wasn’t exactly in the right frame of mind to share in your joy just yet? Unfortunately most of us have had that experience, too. The story of Jesus Christ is an incredible story to share with all people in our lives, but until we are able to hear a person’s story, it may not be completely beneficial. After completing this class, you will walk away with the tools needed to do three important things: hear a story, tell your story, and share God’s story.

Quarterly Evening Class Schedule: TBD | 4:00 – 7:00 PM | Worship & Performing Arts Center

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chapter 5 | God’s Story in You
Let’s face it. We’ve all been beaten down at sometime in our lives. Whether your desire is to partner with Jesus in acquiring your own healing, or equipping yourself to set others free, Cleansing Stream is the beginning of that journey.

The Cleansing Stream Seminar will help you to develop a deeper relationship with the Father and a new reliance on the Holy Spirit. Key instruction will occur in the areas of knowing the Father, Walking in the Spirit, Committing Everything to God, Speaking Words of Life, Spiritual Authority, Removing Word Curses, and Blessing Your Home.This class is life changing, and has been one of the most powerful and memorable experiences for those who have taken this journey. Come to get set free, come to learn how to set others free.

Facilitated by seasoned minister and Cleansing Streams Veteran Katheline Monnier. This class is the only one in the LifeScript series that is more than four weeks. It will run for 7 sessions and also includes a local weekend retreat. There is a $55 charge for the class.

Next chapter 5 class dates: TBD

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