Missions Overview with Icons
Our Goal | Valley Christian Center feels the call by God to join Him in His global endeavor.  Below is our philosophy, which explains the way we will partner with the missionaries and their sending agencies in the endeavor to spread the message and compassion of Jesus Christ around the world.

Our Commitment to the Missionary
Financial support of $500-$1,000 per month
Adoption care (life celebrations, emotional and relational support)
Onsite visits (sending teams to support and work with you)
Highlight missionary to congregation (needs, reports, celebrations)
Four-year commitment (support re-evaluated at end of term)

Our Expectations from the Missionary
One visit to VCC for each four-year term
Monthly/Quarterly newsletters or communication
Assemblies of God World Missionaries preferred
Revised financial statements

Purpose of the Global Missions Team
Determine direction
Selection of Partners/Trips

Our Four Quadrants

Less than OneLess Than 1%
We believe that everyone has the right to hear the Gospel one time before someone hears it twice.  As such, we will partner with missionaries that are reaching people in countries that have less than 1% Christian population.  (Proclamation)
Partnering with:  Saed & Linda Dacosta Awwad, Bethel and Joshua | Palestine | Israel

Watch Pastor Steve Madsen’s introduction of Sa’ed Awwad>>

TrainingTraining Centers
We will partner with those who are training indigenous ministry leaders. (Proclamation)
Partnering with: Todd & Amy Churchill, Daniel, Justus, Jordan and Naomi | Democratic Republic of the Congo | Central Africa


Clean WaterClean Water
We will partner with those who are bringing clean water, one of the greatest and most basic needs, to people who don’t have access to it.  (Compassion)
Partnering with:  Lifewater |  www.lifewater.org


Vulnerable ChildrenVulnerable Children
We will partner with those who are providing care for children who have no one else to care for them, due to various circumstances. (Compassion)
Partnering with: Camino Felix | www.felixfamilyvillages.org | Watch the video!


Felix Family Village