Among Those Who Mourn 2017-09-28T10:48:48-07:00

Project Description

The past couple of years have been emotionally difficult for me.

My paternal grandparents passed away in the latter part of 2015 and my biological father in January 2016. My dad and I always had a “rocky” relationship with many ups and downs and mutual disappointments. I was disappointed in him for leaving my mother and I at an early age, and he was disappointed in me for never forgiving him for that. We tried to make things work throughout my young adult years but could never get on the same page. Unfortunately, the hurts of our past prevented us from making amends with one another. It was a cold Monday in March (2016) when I learned of his death and have been processing the emotions ever since.

In this life, everyone will experience the loss of someone they love.

King David understood this well when his first child with Bathsheeba died of illness. He wept, he fasted, and he prayed for seven days in hopes that the Lord “would be gracious and let the child live” (2Sam 2:22) but it was not to be.

In our effort to navigate personal loss, we will seek the scriptures for insight by answering the question;

“Where is God when we mourn?”