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The Prayer of David
There is a prayer in Chronicles by David that has spoke to me several times in my 9 years as the Lead Pastor of Valley Christian.  It is four simple words that require both surrender and courage.  They are words of alignment and hope, faith and reliance.  They words are simply this:
“Do as your promised.” – 1 Chronicles 17:23  
For David, this prayer was response to David’s desire to build him a house of worship (1 Chronicles 17:1-15). David resolved in his mind that God deserves a better house than his own. God never asked for a House, but David was determined to give him one.  In like spirit, God resolved in his mind to build through David a lasting lineage “I will raise up one of your offspring and I will establish his throne forever” (1 Chronicles 17:10-14). David resolved to honor God. God resolved to honor David. David set his mind and riches on building God a House. God set his mind on building David a lineage. David gave to God and God gave back to Him.