Evangelism, Mission and the Holy Spirit 2017-10-16T10:47:37-07:00

Project Description

When I saw him in Jerusalem, I knew I must go up to him.  I haven’t seen him in over forty years, but his reputation was still looming large in my mind.  He left for China in 1969 and for the next decade I heard stories, incredible stories, about how the Gospel was taking root in Hong Kong and China.  It was as if the book of Acts was continuing.  Sign and wonders, miracles and the power of the Holy Spirit was transforming village after village. I encourage you to read, China’s Opening Door, Incredible Stories of the Holy Spirit at Work in One of the Greatest Revivals in Christianity by Dennis Balcombe. I introduced myself and told Dennis that I have followed your ministry my entire life with admiration and respect. We shared a few stories and then I asked if he would pray for me.  In typical Pentecostal fashion, he put his hand on my head and prayed.  Hearing words both English and Cantonese, I lifted my palms and prayed, “Just some small portion of this man’s anointing Lord…that’s all I ask.”
As we prepare to leave the gospels and enter into the book of Acts in our Jesus 365 series, I thought it might be best to hear firsthand transformative stories of the power of the Spirit by one person who certainly obeyed the “Go’ command of Jesus. It is indeed a privilege to host Dennis Balcombe here at Valley Christian.