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Project Description

Don’t go without God’s empowering presence

Christianity has majors and minors.  My friend, Preston Sprinkle calls these, Tier 1 and Tier 2 issue.  Throughout the ages, Christendom has debated what is a Tier 1 issue and what is a Tier 2 issue.  In a broad sense, Tier 1 issues revolve around:  the diety of Jesus Christ, human depravity, salvation through Christ alone, the Trinity, the authority of Scriptures and the definition of marriage between a man and a woman.  Tier 2 issues tend to be:  modes of baptism, meaning and frequency of Communion, church polity structure, eschatology, and spiritual gifts.  When we address the topic of God’s Empowering Presence I believe we are standing in on Tier 1 turf.  While faith in Jesus Christ is essential for Heaven.  God’s Empowering Presence is essential for Earth.  Most of the Bible in my mind speaks to people who already have the Heaven issues resolved.  Most of the Bible addresses what God wants to see done on Earth.

So as we look continue our Jesus 365 study in the Gospels and Acts, we stumble upon a crucial issue for all Christ followers – God’s Empowering Presence.  Yes, we are to GO to cities, but we are never called to GO at it alone.  There is help from above…and thank God there is…