Gospel of the Exile 2017-09-28T11:00:00-07:00

Project Description

For me, the Prophets can be some of the most difficult parts of the Bible to understand.  Their poetic nature and repetitive themes make appreciating them difficult for the modern mind to grasp. I believe many of us could use some help understanding  both the message and ministries of these “covenant enforces of Israel and Judah.
To assist us in this endeavor, I have invited Dr. Bo Lim from Seattle Pacific University to join us this Sunday.  Dr. Lim has written commentaries on both Isaiah and Hosea and will guide us both Sunday morning and evening in our Jesus 365 series.  He views his scholarship and teaching as a means to enable to the church to live out its missional calling, particularly how it reads Scripture responsibly and relevantly in and for our culture.  When I spoke to him on the phone, I told that his task is “to help us fall in love with the Prophets”.  That is to help us understand who the Prophets were, what they were called to do and what are they saying in their writings.  I invite you to join us on Sunday morning as Dr. Lim preaches from Isaiah and the come back at 5pm to a theological primer on understanding the Prophets.  Most of us will never get the opportunity to sit in a seminary classroom.  This Sunday you will get seminary education in your own church.  How cool is that!