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Project Description

Casting God as the hero of our story

After the death of Jesus, two men were walking discussing the tragic events that just occurred in Jerusalem (Luke 24:13-36). They were kept from seeing Jesus presumably because their were drowning in the duress (Luke 24:15) and because their heads were downcast (Luke 24:17).   The risen Christ sees their despair and questions them on their distress.  He wants to hear how they tell the story.  They tell him how Jesus was betrayed and abandoned by his disciples.  How the religious leaders trumped up false charges.  How Pilate conceded to the crucify Jesus because the crowds demanded his blood.  Jesus notices that they say nothing of his need to go to the cross.  Nothing of how he said he would rise again.  Nothing on how this tragedy would ultimately bring freedom to all mankind.  He recognizes that they rendition is only partial.

How we tell the story says a lot of how we cast God into our lives.  Our rendition reflection his reputation.  We can either tell the story as if God is non-factor, as if God failed, as if God is busy with other more pertinent matters.  Or we can take time to discern who is God in my story and what role is He playing in this crisis I now face.

In our Jesus 365 readings this week, we find a similar situation with Elisha and his servant Gehazi (2 Kings 8:6-23).  They both experience the same events, but tell the story quite differently.  Surrounding by the army of Aram, Gehazi tells his rendition of the story that brings despair and hopelessness.  Elisha though casts God as the hero in the story and reminds his friend, “Those who are with us are more than those with them” (2 Kings 6:16).

How are you telling the story of your situation?  How are you casting Christ in it?  On this day where Christians around the world take time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we want look to continue in our series Jesus 365 and learn together how to tell our story is such a way that we cast God as the hero.