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Project Description

Friendship on Fire

Love is beautiful and dangerous.

Life fire love can destroy people if it is abused or be life-giving it is protected.

Love expresses the insatiable human longing to know and be fully known and be desired by another.  

Love is one of the most transcendent and mysterious experiences in human life

And as part of the Bible’s wisdom tradition, this book says it is a gift from God.

– Timothy Mackie on Song of Songs


I remember that season. Perhaps you do too. Perhaps you are in it. You are counting down the weeks, the days, the minutes to the wedding day. So excited. Okay, overly excited. “Thou shalt NOT…” is about to become “Thou shalt…” The time to awaken love is near.   Emotions and Hormones converge.  You want to be with them. Any distance is painful. You mind can think of nothing else.  Part of you wants to abandon all restraint and indulge yourself. You imagine the blissful moment.

Many voices encourage you to go for it.

“You deserve it.”  

“Formalities are unnecessary hurdles.”  

“Indulge yourself.”  

“This is what life is for, isn’t it?”

But there is a pause…a voice whispers two words…WATCH and WAIT.

As we continue in our Jesus 365 series, we look into a group of love poems in the Old Testament, Song of Songs, to see how this moment of passion between a man and woman reflects another moment of passion still yet to come.