Security of His Sovereignty 2017-10-30T15:34:03-07:00

Project Description

(Interpreting life through God’s choices)

I am attracted  to the hard issues.  Part of this is curiosity.  I simply want to understand more so I probe, study, question and explore.  I love figuring out problems in the text.  The other part of it is calling.  I address difficult issues because I feel if I don’t then I invalidate the chair I sit in.  In my nine years at Valley Christian, I believe that most, if not all, the challenges I have faced were already here. Once the challenged surfaced and presented itself,  I then had a choice.  Do I ignore the issue or do I confront it?  Ignoring feels cowardly to me – a violating of the sacred trust I have been give to lead Christ’s church.  So naively, with fear and trepidation, I proceed trusting God will come through and give me the grace by His Spirit to fulfill His plan and course for me.

I feel this same way as we cross into Romans 9 this morning.  I have never heard a sermon on this chapter.  There its a temptation to skip it.  Too hard and too controversial.  Pentecostals tend to be Armenian in their theology – that is people who believe the will and choice of a person is critical.  Calvinist tends to uplift and glory in God’s choice.  I remember in seminary having Sovereignty and Free Will debates at Dr. Greg Beale’s home.  Today, I want to pastor you through Romans 9.  There is no way I can answer all the questions this chapter poses.  This debate has gone on for thousands of years.  I have a precious 25-30 minutes to pastor you through this text.  I go here because I feel there some, perhaps many, that are stuck and need hope on a challenge in life.  So I want to help you interpret your situation.  Read Romans 9 before you get to church this Sunday and then together let’s discover God’s Security in His Sovereignty.