The Matthew Audit 2017-09-25T19:05:31-07:00

Project Description

What did Jesus do? 

I believe most Christ-followers get the concept that to follow Jesus is to do what he did.

We see Jesus pray. Sop we pray. 

We see Jesus care for the outcast. So w go to the shelters and prisons to help out. 

We see Jesus share the gospel, we follow suit. 

I would like to tweak the question, “What did Jesus do?” to “What did Jesus emphasize?” In order to answer this question, I decided to take an audit of the ministry of Jesus in the book of Matthew.  I figured since Matthew spent most of his life auditing people, I would turn the table and audit his work.

I set the limits of this audit to chapters four through twenty which is Matthew’s depiction of the ministry of Jesus. From chapter twenty-one on, Jesus is in Jerusalem on Passion Week. I spent five days this week looking over these seventeen chapters counting sections, verses and words. I categorized them and I sorted them by frequency.

And yes, I made a few pie charts to visualize what I found.

I have never looked at the gospels this way, but I thought I would audit Matthew’s selection of stories to see what he felt needed to be emphasized as he wrote the story of Jesus.  I believe my findings may surprise some of you.