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San Quentin – Pete: Serving 2 Life Sentences: Praises God for those who come in and pray with him. He is thankful for some DIRT that he got to help nourish his plants that he maintains for the Chapel. Ed – Who in the midst of chaos and negativity in the prison held a “Thank You Party” in his cell, thanking God for saving him and using him in SQ.

Santa Rita Jail – Teresa: From the Max. Unit who had listened many times but had not committed to anything…One day pounds the table at Bible Study and says: “I GET IT!” Tiara – From the Max. Unit…waiting for trial and facing many years of prison time: “Thank you for coming in to teach and encourage me…I often feel so alone.”

D.V.I. Men’s Prison – Tom: “I never knew about Jesus, nobody ever explained this to me. I want to know Him more!”

Valley Christian Prison Ministry (VCPM)

‘I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’  – Matthew 25:36

Why do we do Prison Ministry?

Every person on the Prison Ministry team has been “called” into this ministry by God. There is a huge population of those on the “inside” that reside in our Tri Valley area and region. These groups of people are greatly loved by God and God has called us to go into these institutions and bring hope, salvation and healing to those on “the inside”.

How do we reach these people?

We have teams that will go into these institutions and:

  • Do Bible Studies, Chapel and prayer
  • Conducting Celebrate Recovery classes in F.C.I.
  • Conducting Cleansing Streams on “the Inside” @ DVI
  • D.V.I. prayer walks on the yard, Prayer Meetings. Preaching/teaching.
  • Juvenile Facility in San Leandro: one on one’s with kids
  • We will be working with other Churches to help with After Care for when the inmates are released.
  • VOTW: Voice outside the walls for families of inmates. Meets monthly to encourage, inform and pray with.
  • Team of Pen pals that correspond with Inmates.
  • Supporting help for Arukah House, a transitional home for those released from prison.
  • Orientation to Prison Ministry Meetings for those interested in Prison Ministry.