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Roger Valci - April 22, 2018

The Hardest Prayer to Pray

The Hardest Prayer to Pray is the one that you stopped praying. This text is not one of fatalism. Sovereignty does not negate personal responsibility. Disaster does not have to come. God is looking for us to humble ourselves so disaster can be averted, so that Heaven’s help can come to the Earth. The question is, will we?

From Series: "Run With The Horses"

If you think your life and circumstance are bad, consider his. Jeremiah is called to speak to a people who will not listen to him, to do so symbolically, to endure mockery even imprisonment, while watching his home town be assaulted by an invading army. I doubt many of us can say our lives rise up to that horrific assignment. One would think, God would give him some extra grace in his complaining and suffering. That God would emphasize to his list of grievances about the unfairness of life (Jeremiah 12:1-4). He does not. Rather, God gives the weary prophet, and us, a picture of miraculous proportions. God takes our eyes away from the challenge to the prize. He turns our neck from despair to delight. He puts our focus on something supernatural. No man or woman can run with the horses. It is not humanly possible. Horses are built for speed, endurance and trial. Humans not so much. Yet, God tells this prophet, and us, that is what we are made for...to run with horses.

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