Why I Hate the Devil

Conniving, ruthless, scheming, and evil. Masquerading as an "angel of light" (2 Corinthians 11:4), the devil prowls around like a roaring

Why I Hate the Devil2018-05-15T11:37:25-07:00

United Prayer | 18 Hour Burn

United Prayer is a Worship and Prayer gathering to offer extravagant devotion to Jesus on behalf of a region! In Joel 2,

United Prayer | 18 Hour Burn2018-04-05T23:23:59-07:00

Take A Stand For Life

40 Days for Life Do you feel strongly about Pro-Life issues? If so, there is an opportunity for you to join thousands

Take A Stand For Life2018-02-12T18:06:23-08:00

Medical Ministry Healing Evening

Dr. Susan Richards will spend the evening introducing & training us in how to pray from a medical perspective over illness and

Medical Ministry Healing Evening2018-01-24T10:26:29-08:00

End of the World Party

Intrigued are you? No we are not claiming Jesus is coming back on October 18th, and no we are not claiming that

End of the World Party2017-09-14T16:18:17-07:00