#TBT – Summer Camp Edition

Summer Beach Camp 2015 – Student Ministries #TBT

Sometimes life happens so quickly that we find ourselves constantly looking to the next event, and never looking back to reflect or remember. We’re focused on forward momentum, and not recapping and re-living the fabulous times we’ve had. So, I’ve decided to share a moment from our Youth Summer Beach Camp this summer that has kept us laughing every time we remember it. Somehow it just keeps getting funnier and funnier!
* Please note: no students were emotionally damaged during this event. *

This summer, we spent 3 ½ days in beach houses at Pajaro Dunes in Watsonville with 47 students. We had 4 houses, and they were split up between Boys, Girls, Middle School and High School. This story comes out of the Middle School Boys house, of course.

It was around 2:00am in the boy’s house – and everyone was awake… except for Zion (who we adore and love!). The boys starting to think of pranks they could pull on Zion for being the first one asleep. They decided to wake him up and convince him it was morning – 8am or so – and see how it went.

So they woke up Zion. “Zion! It’s time to go down to the beach for devotions! Hurry up!” So Zion woke up. He was confused at first, wondering why everyone was ready except for him! But he woke up, changed his clothes, and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. The whole time the other boys were just doing their best not to crack and bust up laughing. To make it better, the other boys and the adult leaders had breakfast too just to keep up appearances. By now, it’s about 2:45am, and it is pitch black outside, and Zion hasn’t questioned a thing. He had been following this prank for over 45 minutes! He got so far as to finally getting his stuff together to leave the house when Justin Bennett (adult leader) finally said, “That’s it, I’m tired. I’m going to bed.”

Zion’s face… I wish you could have seen it. Sheer confusion. It worked. Best moment of the trip for sure. Moral of the story – don’t fall asleep first, and if it’s pitch black outside when you think its 8am, maybe it isn’t 8am.


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Connections and Student Ministries Pastor at Valley Christian Center.