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A little boy in East Dublin was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer. Imagine the devastating news that his parents had to deal with. An 8-year old innocent little boy now put through the worst thing a person can go through. I heard of his story and stopped at his house to pray for him and his family. A Muslim father, who was open to the words of love from the pages of the Bible, received comfort and prayer through this trying time, one that would try any faith, but as a result, a young boy received Christ as Savior and left for eternity. A community was touched and the work of bringing the Gospel to East Dublin began.

The Father’s House is a church plant of Valley Christian Center, reaching the diversified people of East Dublin.

People from the far corners of the world have made East Dublin their home. They came to the Bay Area for economic prosperity and a better life than in their homeland. They bring their religions of the East – their idols and burqa’s – to honor the only faith they have ever known.

But God has brought them here to meet a Father who loves them with a passion they have not experienced through religion. That is what The Father’s House is doing in East Dublin: LOVING A COMMUNITY that has never experienced the compassion, forgiveness, healing and renewal of God, the Father.

Nestled in the heart of East Dublin, we gather each week to bring them ”good news.” Each week we have services on Saturday nights and community outreaches that practically demonstrate God’s love. THE BIBLE NEVER TELLS THEM TO COME TO US, BUT FOR US TO GO TO THEM. We owe it to them to introduce them to Christ and invite them to receive salvation through the finished work of the cross.

In our world today, we have many advisors, coaches and teachers, but what is missing is “fathering.” The Apostle Paul wrote: “You have many guardians in Christ, but do not have many fathers” (1 Corinthians 4:15). The Father’s House exists to demonstrate the compassion and celebration of our Heavenly Father to the diverse people of East Dublin.

LEARN MORE:  Contact Pastor Ramez at (650) 619-7159, email or visit  We meet each Sunday at 10:30 AM at John Green Elementary School, located at 3300 Antone Way in Dublin.