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Worship was what actually drew me to Valley Christian. When I first attended about a year and a half ago, I sensed a fervency and genuine desire for God that attracted me. I experience that fervency very heavily during weekend services. The “passion” I sense in the room has much to do with the hunger of the congregation. I feel as if God responds more strongly in environments where people’s hearts are hungry. How hunger and “humility of heart” is manifested in the physical realm is unique to each individual. I am happy to be in a room of worshipers – there is nothing like feeling God’s pleasure when He is glorified and rewards us with His Presence.

THE FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE is sure to set you at ease the moment you step through the doors of Valley Christian Center. Our desire is to create an environment where you will experience God’s presence. You will encounter smiling faces and a warm invitation to simply be yourself.

The inspired worship will invite you to STEP INTO DEEPER PLACES OF GOD’S PRESENCE with moments of adulating praise and quiet whispers. With a blend of contemporary and older hymns and choruses, we intentionally encourage an intergenerational community in all our worship experiences.

You will quickly discover that WE ARE A CITY-REACHING COMMUNITY and that God’s purpose for His church is to reach cities that He desperately loves. The biblical teaching will inspire and challenge you to deepen your journey with Christ and God’s story in you. Trusted prayer teams are available to share the burdens and challenges of life. Our pastor and his wife would love to meet with you personally after service with a Starbucks gift card and answers to your questions. We strive to honor one another’s personalities, gifts and passions, and out-love each other’s differences.

You are welcome here at Valley Christian Center.

LEARN MORE:  Contact Pastor Jason Gawel at (925) 560-6206 or