Living as one who is “called” | Working as one who is “sent”

You are a person of influence! God has given you the power to motivate, inspire, shape, change, and guide your family, friends, co-workers, leaders and industry. You influence your co-workers by your character, your employer with your work, your industry with your decisions, and those around you by how you live. You have been given a unique set of talents and opportunities to represent God’s interests daily at home and in the marketplace no matter what your job, level, or title is.

If you are a business owner, leader, manager, or career minded individual we are launching a forum just for you!

Come to:

  • Gain strength and encouragement
  • Build your faith
  • Thrive as a Christ follower in your God given sphere of influence
  • Learn how to transmit what you know and what you believe into the marketplace