The men in the Reception Center at D.V.I. Prison AP_california_prison_nt_130711_16x9_608in Tracy are really hungry for Jesus. Being in the Reception Center means that they have received their sentence of time that they need to serve and are in the process of being rated on their level of security. Once that is established they will be sent to an appropriate prison for their security level.

So, the men in RC are all levels of security, who do not know yet where they will be transferred to. There is a lot of uncertainty and vulnerability there. This makes the men “ready” to seek out God and ready to accept His hand and way in their lives.

So, it is no surprise when I preached to the four RC services this past Sunday about the Prodigal Son, and told them that “it’s time to come home,” that 133 men accepted Jesus for the first time.

Please pray for these men that the commitment that they made will take root and grow in them, so that no matter where they go they will go with God.

Thank you for your prayers over this ministry….they are priceless and making big moves for the Kingdom of God.

Praise to a Mighty Powerful God!