We thank God for our teams and the opportunities that we have had this past year to serve in Prisons and Jails. God has been doing incredible and miraculous things. We are going into Santa Rita Jail, Juvenile Justice Center, The Women’s Prison in Dublin (FCI), San Quentin and D.V.I. Men’s Prison in Tracy. There were nearly 500 salvation commitments in this past year. Team members wanted to share something that has been a highlight for them this past year. Enjoy:

From Dale:  The highlight of my year in prison ministry was sharing and worshiping with the men in San Quentin’s H Unit.  Oh my goodness what a godly bunch, truly strong in the Word, and in their Walks.  Was awesome to be among them.

From Dalen:  I think a highlight for me from this past year is the first time I spoke in chapel after a few years of taking a sabbatical and just knowing the Lord was speaking to the women as I spoke about my life and my turnaround from darkness to light.  I know my life story was their life story and I believe I was able to put some hope in their lives.

From Fred:  My highlight for this year regarding prison ministry is being involved with such a dynamic group of dedicated men and women whom have a love for what they are doing, they are truly called if not chosen.

From Garrett: Getting to see the opening of Arukah House in Livermore for men coming out of Prison. Being able to help set up and be a part of this AfterCare part of Prison Ministry is vital and important.

From Jimi:  My highlight of the year was the one on one prayer counseling with men from DVI. To have them open up, share, and pray for Jesus’ blessing and healing over themselves and their families was truly a special experience for me.

From Linda : One of my highlights was in a service at DVI men’s prison in Tracy when a young man who was an x-gang member of the Bloods, literally ran up the isle after a salvation call saying, “I want to do that.” He accepted Jesus and then he invited his cousin, who was a dropout from the Crips, to join him and he accepted Jesus too. Then a “Blood” and a “Crip” hugged each other, thanking Jesus for their lives. It was one of the God moments that compares to nothing else.

From Monica: Prison Ministry has been a source of strength, rejuvenation and the avenue to reach out to the community in desperate need for hope.

From Phil:  My biggest learning was in humility.  I went into D.V.I. prison for men in Tracy not knowing what to expect, but figured I would “do my part and let these guys know a little something about the grace of God.”  Well, after spending about an hour in that room filled with men longing for God’s presence and giving their hearts to Jesus, it was me that learned a little something.  A truly humbling and moving experience.

From Rachel Webb:  Seeing God moving in the lives of many women at FCI through weekly Celebrate Recovery meetings, and being able to participate ministering at San Quentin.  Both give me profound appreciation for the freedom we enjoy outside the wall and compassion for those who are incarcerated.

From Scott :  Being part of the Chapel team is a very humbling experience seeing how God touches these women’s heart, Its nice to be a apart of the processes and being used by him and see him be the closer in the final process of these women making the choice to accept Jesus as there savior.  I continue to be amazed!   It’s all about him

 From Sheila :  VOTW is a support group for families with a loved one incarcerated. We began in 4/15 with a small group which has continued to grow and flourish since its inception. December 14, we will be having our first Christmas celebrations. We are excited about how God is answering our prayers and the reason for the season, Jesus Christ.

From Sonia :  Doing Cleansing Streams!!!  Each week to see these men open up more and more was incredible! One of the men had said “I can’t wait for Wednesdays, the lessons are awesome!” This was a huge step for these men to open up with each other in a small group setting, but they did it and they were raw!  We presented the men certificates of completion at the end of the 7 weeks and to see how proud they were receiving that piece of paper was priceless!!

Please continue to pray for our teams, which include our Prayer Team and Pen Pals. Pray for those who are incarcerated that they will know the Lord and walk with Him.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our teams!!