Developing a Holistic Student

Angela Bruggeman   -  

At Valley Christian we value learning! Our approach to developing young leaders swells beyond the walls of the classroom. We challenge our students with rigorous academic content and we challenge them to think deeply about real life issues. Math class then, is not just an exercise in the memorization of factoids and number systems; in fact, it is an eye-opening process of understanding and appreciating an orderly Creator who designed an orderly universe. English is not just writing proper structure and reading endless pages; it is a study revealing the elements of human experiences and enduring messages of how mankind deals with the messiness of life.

On any given day, our campus may be alive with sixth graders applying their newly acquired knowledge about African cultures to experimenting with native rhythms in drumming and dancing. Meanwhile, our toga-garbed sophomores are reciting monologues from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Outside, near the Science Building our budding botanists are propagating succulents on a hillside to shift the foliage to a more sustainable population and curb erosion. Through these lessons our students are grappling with the underlying themes of an appreciation for diversity, the value of enduring classics, and developing a work ethic that allows them to be good stewards of God’s creation.   

Learning, as we see it, is a process of developing young minds and hearts to embrace their roles in this community. It takes courage, thoughtfulness, and creativity to willingly step into this type of shaping climate. When students make missteps in judgment, we embrace the mistakes as opportunities for discipleship and growth. Through the courage and thoughtfulness of self-reflection, we believe students gain self-awareness and understanding that school is not just a place to gain knowledge, but a place to practice applying wisdom to daily decisions. Our faculty and staff believe it is a privilege to mentor the next generation of young people who walk the corridors of Valley Christian.