I am fully convinced that there are fewer, more beautiful experiences than teaching a child about the Bible and the love of the Lord and to then see the child understand what the Bible says! In KidMin, we are using a curriculum called The Gospel Project; in the span of three years we will take a child through the entire Bible, from Genesis through Revelation, and when it is finished, we will do it again! This program is being used for children, birth through fifth grade, and it will meet them where they are at during each stage of life. What a child learns while in preschool will get retaught while in early elementary school, and it will be taught again while in upper elementary school; this helps a child truly learn and understand what God has to say them! The kids are learning and memorizing the Word of God by singing songs that quote the Bible and by playing activities that reinforce it! As they go through different stages of life, they will see and understand the Bible through different lenses.

Our desire is to walk alongside each of the families as we train up a child in the ways of the Lord by showing them and teaching them the Word of God! The Gospel Project is working alongside families to teach kids lessons that will stay with a child for a lifetime. This curriculum allows the child to praise the Lord through worship, hear what each book of the Bible talks about, and then apply those lessons to one’s life. The Gospel Project helps us work with and equip the parents to help the children grow spiritually into godly young men and women. We would love to partner with you on this journey to teach the children about the Lord and the Word!