This past semester I talked to some friends about Job during a Bible study. Then, I decided to read the book. Then a girl asked me to go through the book with her, and then my Bible reading plan took me through the book of Job again. Essentially, no matter how hard I tried to get out of the book of Job, God kept bringing me back to that narrative.

Job’s story is unique. He was called righteous by God himself, and then without cluing Job into what is happening, God allows Satan to attack him. Job was wealthy and had a large family, yet he would quickly lose all of his children, his wealth, his status, and his very own friends and wife would give him poor advice and question his character. Job questioned God. Job raised his fist in the air and struggled to comprehend why God would hurt someone who was righteous.

Job cried out to God. He did not understand why God would allow him to be hurt in such a manner; after all, Job had lost everything. Surely screaming out for mercy and begging for restitution is the right answer when one has lost everything that one holds dear.

And then, in such a beautiful manner, God finally responds to Job. God never affords Job a reminder of how deeply God loves him or of the master plan that God has to prosper Job. God affords him something so much better; God reminded Job of who God himself is. It was this, a reminder of who Yahweh is, that brought comfort to Job.

God eventually replenished everything that Job had lost, but I believe that merely getting cattle and more children would not have satisfied the hurt that Job was experiencing. It would have felt nice for a moment, but items and people will never be enough to fill the aches that only God can fill.

When walking through adversity, the only gift that will be enough to heal one’s wounds is a proper understanding of who God is in relation to oneself and one’s trials. God is so much bigger. He is bigger than anything and anyone, and nothing will be able to squander the power and the faithfulness of the Lord.

When one feels like everything is falling apart, it is more than ok to tell God how angry and broken you are. He’s a strong God, and he wants to know how you feel. When we take the time to be honest about how weak we are, we develop a greater dependency upon Him, but do not stop at merely venting about how you feel.

Open your Bible.

Take notes and internalize who he is. Let the knowledge that the same God who spoke creation into existence, breathed life into your lungs, and commands the cosmos to function is the same God that is caring for you. Never lose sight of who God is and the compassion that he has; focusing on God is enough to calm the ache that one is experiencing. When everything is falling apart, keep your eyes on the Lord.

Things and people will never be enough, but God will be. Remember who He is.