No Matter What Happens

Amy Kerr   -  

As a young child, I can remember constantly playing with dolls and dreamed about having a family of my own. I had it in my mind that life was going to start out a little like this…I will go to school, get good grades, get married, have a huge family and so on. Well, guess what, life is never a perfect fairy tale story.

My early years of life were filled with lots of doctor’s appointments, going to family group meetings in hospitals and watching my mom suffer pain and sickness. When you’re a child walking through something like this, I thought well I guess this is how life is. I can’t remember comparing my life to others around me until I graduated high school. All I knew was I was going to serve God not matter what circumstances came my way. I stood on the scripture that we hear so often, “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord,” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Then my junior year of high school came. I can remember like it was yesterday hearing my dog howl upstairs. I ran up to see why he was making all this noise since he never did that only to find my mom passed out on the floor in the washroom.

This was the first of three comas that my mom was in before she passed away 6 weeks after I graduated high school.

I remember hearing the sweet whisper of the Holy Spirit “No matter what happens in life, will you still follow me?” God still had a plan for my life. He chooses everyday to walk alongside me in the hardest season of life. He surrounds us with people that walk alongside of us if we let them in.

Have you ever walked through a season that was out of your control? Sometimes our flesh says, “You can do this on your own” or “You don’t need people around you.” One of the biggest lies so many of us walk in is we think we have to do life alone. God designed us to be in community with others. He sent Adam a helpmate so that he would no longer be alone.

One thing I know for sure is that the word of God says that He will never leave us or forsake us. I challenge you to have the mind set that we are not in the life alone. Come and jump into a community where you can grow are share this precious gift of life. God has a perfect plan for our lives. We must make the choice that no matter what storm comes our way, we choose Him!

No matter what happens in life, will you still follow me?”