When we think about Christmas, we oftentimes think about a sweet little baby in a manger. There are some smelly animals, dirt, a virtuous woman, a faithful husband, and an infant that would come to change the course of history. This baby would grow up to die upon a cross and offer freedom and forgiveness, but the story does not end after his miraculous resurrection three days after death and ascension into heaven forty days later.

In Revelation 4-5, one sees Jesus Christ in his most humble and glorious state. He is the risen lamb, and he is the Lion from the Tribe of Judah. He is worthy of all adoration and sovereign over all. He is no longer in a manger, but he is showing his complete authority and victory over all of creation. In the following chapters, one will see the earth go through complete and utter chaos, but it is completely under the sovereignty of God that all of this is occurring. Not once is God surprised by what is taking place, but he is actually in the process of bringing about restoration and giving people another chance to repent. As one continues to see the role of God in the course of Revelation, one sees that theme throughout it; Jesus has the victory. God is sovereign, and he will be crowned the victor.

There is comfort in knowing that the Lord Jesus is not a helpless little child, but he is God Almighty, sitting on the throne. He is worthy of worship and completely in control over everything. He is the Alpha and the Omega, and his power has been established before time began. He is entirely compassionate and tender toward his children while also victorious over all the powers of evil. This is our God.