I set out recently to do a media fast for a whole month. I had felt like it was something the Lord was wanting me to do.

What is a media fast, you ask? Well, for me, it looked like this: for 1 month I would not check or use Social Media (Facebook, twitter, etc…), play video games, watch TV or movies and I would only listen to Christian music. (Exceptions I made were youtube videos that were worshipful music, bible related or educational in regards to some stuff I was learning about.)

That’s what I set out to do…now what did I learn from withholding these things from myself?

The biggest lesson I learned was about time. I found out I have way more than I thought I did. The first couple days of the fast I had some “twiddling thumb” moments where I didn’t know what to do. I have used the “not enough time” excuse so often when it comes to why I don’t read my bible as much or spend more time with God. That was no longer an excuse.

There is plenty of time in the day but it comes down to what you spend that time on.

My opinion of today’s culture is that we don’t have physical statue idols like they had in the bible times. I believe our idols today are what we spend our time on. Actually, I would say what we place such importance on is what we spend our time on. Media took up a lot of my time. I needed this fast to realize just how much that was true. It showed me an area I can take back time and give it to God instead.

I also learned that the time you spend on things affect the time you aren’t spending on them. The more time I spent with God during this fast, the more my thoughts and mind were set on him throughout the day. What I put in affects what comes out. I feel like our brain can only pull in so much. So, if I fill it up with a bunch of nonsense, then what room have I created for God? I truly believe we can be in a Godly mindset all day but, for me, too much media hinders that. I instead think on those things and not God.

While I write this, I keep thinking about what Pastor Roger said a few weeks ago. “Faith looks like work to those who are not in love.” I don’t think I will give up TV, movies and social media nor do I think God requires me too. I know I am in love, though, and love requires time to cultivate, strengthen and deepen it. Time that needs to come from somewhere. Media is a great place for me to take that time back for God. Maybe it is for you too.