Some of the most beautiful moments and conversations I’ve had at church have happened while serving in our Kids’ Ministry and hanging out with our little ones on Sunday mornings. Whether it be a two-year-old who got dropped off, or a grandparent serving for the morning, I’ve had some great experiences, and I wanted to share a little bit of my story with you.

Anyone who really knows me knows I’m quite a fan of kids (as well as animals). I get so much refreshment and joy out of playing, being silly, and getting to tap into creativity and imagination during our time together.

One of the many attractive things about serving in the Kid’s Ministry (aka: KidMin) and why I want you to join me on team, is that no experience is necessary – we can learn together as we go. You don’t need to be a Bible theologian or an expert in child development. Just showing up with a heart ready to serve, care for the kiddos, and share Jesus’ love is enough. A typical Sunday for me when I’m scheduled looks like reading up on the lesson plan a few days before or even the morning of as I come and check in for the day.

Getting to re-learn, share, act out, and apply these Bible stories through the eyes of a toddler has helped me be reminded of the simplicity of God’s goodness. I get to be reminded of the powerful moments where God’s shown up and been with his children throughout the Bible and beyond.

I’ve been a part of Kid’s Ministry (aka: KidMin) since my first few months at Valley back in spring 2015. Whether soothing newborns in the nursery, making crafts in the twos room, or building toy towns with the 3 & 4-year-olds, there’s always something fun to keep us busy and bless the parents. It’s a nice way to give back and let parents get a break while they attend service.

Prior to VCC, I helped run Children’s Ministry down at Everyday Church in Arroyo Grande (the San Luis Obispo area) as a college student, and before that, had a handful of years helping out with the babies at my Word of Life AoG church in Burney, where I grew up.

Personally, another neat perk of volunteering in KidMin is the experience that comes with working with babies and toddlers to prepare me to maybe (hopefully) be an auntie or mom one day. Between communication, diaper changes, and how to comfort, I’m thankful to have the experience under my belt to better understand early childhood development. Similar to being an auntie, you also get to return the kiddos to their families after just a few hours, at the end of service! Haha.

On the flip side, working with the little ones can also be a helpful deterrent/strong reminder for a while longer, letting me really see what I’d be getting in to and working with if my husband and I choose to have a family one day (as a newlywed, there’s no shortage of check-ins in that area of our lives from friends and loved ones) 😉 And I write this out of love, since all of the little ones are of course little angels and everyone gets upset at times (separation anxiety during drop-offs, etc.).

Getting to know the parents, grandparents, volunteers and helpers better over the years has been a blessing and a great way for me to really meet people in the church and stay connected with community. I’m thankful for the fellowship that comes with serving on Sunday mornings and getting to be a part of so many different people’s lives, as well as have them checking up on mine.

Whether you’ve never cared for babies and toddlers, or you’re a seasoned grandparent, I invite you to come join our team. Just one Sunday a month would be a huge help – a great way to get connected, serve our church family, bless the parents, learn and grow, and maybe even make a few new friends (or even Bible art projects to decorate your home)!

Please feel free to reach out to me or any of the fabulous KidMin staff, Sara or Tara, at any time to get more info an ask questions. We’d love to have you on our team and work together!