Times are crazy, but we still gotta take care of ourselves, ya know? So, go put on your fluffy slippers and your sweatpants, light a calming candle, and let’s go over T’s QuaranTips! 

  1. Face Mask: You’re created in the Image of God, so that means God gave you a cute face. Take care of it! Use this time to improve your skin care routine, and give your face a treat by wearing a face mask. 
  2. FaceTime: Talk to your people! Whether it’s on Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger, the options literally go on and on, go find a way to see the virtual face of someone you love and connect with them. It’s easy to feel alone, so let’s fight that by talking to your people! 
  3. Exercise: Go out and take a walk and enjoy the fresh air! You can also go on Youtube and follow an indoor exercise routine in order to take care of your body! 
  4. Limit Screen Time: Thank God that we have technology, so we can work and do school from our homes. Take an hour of your day to turn your phone off and do something that is technology free. Go clean your room, cook a meal, talk to the people you live with, play a game, journal, or anything that gets you away from blue light! 
  5. Take Pictures: This isn’t wasted time, so document it! Take pictures of the meals you get to have, the people you get to be with, silly things that happen, and anything else that puts a smile on your face.
  6. Read a Book: That book that you bought but never had the time to read it? Here’s your chance to read it! Also, don’t sleep on audiobooks! If you don’t like to read, listen to a great book. You can never go wrong with a good Bob Goff book! 
  7. Make a Playlist: Everyday, find a new song that you like and add it to a playlist. When this is over, you’ll  have a playlist of songs that you enjoy!
  8. Cook: Learn how to make a new recipe that you can perfect! When this is over, you can share your new dish with your people! Pinterest has some great recipes, and if you look for a Whole 30 or Paleo recipe, you can find a yummy and healthy dish! 
  9. Snail Mail: Send an encouraging card to a friend! Sending letters is a  sweet way of showing a person that you care, and it feels so good when you get one back! 
  10. Spend Time with God: There is no substitute for spending time with God. He will provide comfort, truth, and peace. He is the Prince of Peace, so we should dedicate time for him. Join a daily prayer call, watch the livestream on youtube and join the chat, engage in an online house church, and have some alone time worshiping God. God has lots that he can do in our lives during this season!