Matthew 24: “Therefore you must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

When you order something from Amazon, you are given the date of arrival and often the approximate time of arrival. It is wonderful.

But suppose you did not have an arrival date, let alone the time. You would not know when that product would be delivered. You check out front over and over for so long you finally stop looking. The excitement has gone. You almost forget about the order. This leads us into our story today.

Jesus’ disciples ask him, “What will be a sign of your coming back and the end of this age?” Jesus tells his disciples that after his ascension to heaven, he will come back after certain things happen. The time from his ascension to his coming again is the in-between time.

In verse 36 Jesus says that no one knows what day or hour his return will happen.

What do we do in this in-between time? How do we wait?

When Jesus returns to earth for his followers, the elect, he will come in power and glory. There will be no doubt whatsoever of Jesus’ power and authority over this planet. The heavens will be full of his angels moving with the sound of a trumpet to call in Jesus’ followers.

We are instructed to be ready. Jesus compares this time with the days of Noah and the flood. The people all made fun of Noah for building an ark. Noah paid no attention to the noise, but continued doing exactly what God had told him to do. So, when the rain began, and the boat started to rise in the deepening water, the people must have flocked to Noah, apologizing and begging Him to let them in the boat. Can you imagine what they felt when they realized in that in-between time, they had done nothing to be ready for this day?

Jesus also said about His return, you will be in the field working alongside another, a Jesus follower/elect, and they will be taken up by the angels, and you will be left standing…..staring into the heavens….just like those in Noah’s time, who kept treading water as they watched the ark sail off.

We cannot be left treading water or staring into the heavens. We must be preparing in-between. Jesus says, keep watch. That’s how to be ready. As we watch for him, we listen and do his word, then walk in the reality that we are children of the King. We need to be caught “watching” for him.