Job 38:26-27 “He waters the land that was burnt and destroyed; He makes the seeds of grass to sprout.”


Early one California morning, before the arrival of the dawn,

I saw bolts of lightning strike through the Bay Area skies,

Starting three major fires – SCU, LNU, CZU lightning complex,

Burning more than 846,000 acres, which was beyond what human mind can comprehend.

The lightning and the fire were frightening,

Adding to the turmoil of where I was already in life,

Walking through the season of hopelessness,

Along with pandemic, and everything out of its place.

Early another California morning,

I heard the sound of gentle rain showering the dry, parched land.

I watched the downpour of the rain through the streetlights and the fog.

His mercies are new every morning, and the rain reminds of His abundance.

I heard His tender whisper in the rain drops through the stillness of dawn.

“I see you, I see your tears.

I hear you, I hear your cry, the cry of your broken heart.

I feel the anguish of your heart.

I feel the heaviness of what you carry, the loss, the grief.

I water the land where no one lives, the deserts no one ever lays eyes on.

I drench the useless wastelands, so they’re carpeted with wildflowers and grass.

Will I not take care of you?

Will I not walk with you through your seasons, through the fire, through the pain?

Will I not nurture you, will I not sustain you?”

He speaks through His creation; He walks with us through our seasons. He waters the land that was burnt and destroyed; He makes the seeds of grass to sprout.* Be still my soul, be not anxious, my Creator is in control.

*Job 38:26-27 NIV, MSG