Meditating on scripture has been changing my life! I’ve been meditating on scripture on a regular basis since January now and it has been a spiritual game changer for me. Now before I tell you why it’s important, we need to make sure we establish and understanding of what it is!

When we think about the word meditation, many things come to mind. Yoga, goat yoga (please google this), and transcendental meditation are where our minds go initially. The foundation of much eastern meditation is “emptying the mind.” That is absolutely not what biblical meditation. Biblical meditation is not emptying ourselves, rather, it is about purposely dwelling and thinking about scripture. Here are a few definitions that might help:

· It’s not prayer, it’s not bible reading, it’s the perfect combination of both.

· Meditation is taking each phrase of a verse and thoughtfully dwelling on it.

· Meditation is taking the word of God into the mind and allowing it to descend into the heart.

3 Reasons Why it’s Critical

Reason #1 – God tells us to meditate on scripture.

I know, “what a revolutionary insight.” Seriously though, think about it like this: how many times in scripture does God tell us to read scripture? I can’t think of a single verse. Now think of how many times in scripture God asks us to meditate on scripture. Here’s 3 chapters that you can find this concept in: Joshua 1, Psalm 119, Psalm 1. Those are right off the top of my head! God tells us to meditate on his word. Thus, there is a specific prescription as to how God wants us as Christians to handle is word. He wants us to dwell on it. So that means we must read slower and more thoughtfully, sometimes dwelling on a truth in a single verse over a whole chapter.

Jonathon Edwards said this about meditating on scripture:

“I seemed often to see so much light exhibited by every sentence, and such a refreshing food communicated, that I could not get along in reading; often dwelling long on one sentence to see the wonders contained in it, and yet almost every sentence seemed to be full of wonders.”

Reason #2 – Meditating on scripture fuels faith.

Faith is believing the word of God. Thus, if you don’t have God’s word and you don’t dwell on it, it’s impossible to build faith in that word. In the story of Abraham, God tells Abraham, “I am going to make you a father of many nations.” Abraham believed God, and then God credited to him righteousness. His belief in the word of God was faith! When you meditate on God’s word your soul begins to form around a truth. That formation around a Godly truth is what grows faith. Here’s an example. At Luke’s first birthday party he was incredibly sick! We were so upset because we had family from over 2 hours away at the party and he was so sick that we had to ditch our own party to take Luke to the ER. The problem was, he was breathing 64 times per minute. He had a cold that was upsetting his breathing passages. My dad heart was aching and so fearful. I was thinking about all the worst case scenarios and I was rapidly spiraling into a dark and fearful place. That week however I had been meditating on a verse out of Psalm 1, “the Lord watches over the way of the righteous.” So, in that ER I begin to pray and meditate on the word! “The Lord watches over the way of the righteous, the Lord watches over the way of the righteous!” As I meditated on that thought, all of my fears went away as my heart began to form around the truth that God was watching over us! Faith took over and I boldly believed that God was in control. This is how faith grows. Take his word, believe it, and allow your soul to form around it.

Reason #3 – Scripture meditation brings spiritual health

Psalm 1 says the person who meditates on scripture will be like a tree planted by streams of water which “bears fruit in season and whose leaf never withers.” This is a picture of health. Those who devote themselves to dwelling on scripture will be spiritual healthy because they squeeze spiritual nutrition out of every passage. Spurgeon said this about those who meditate on scripture:

“It is well to meditate upon the things of God, because we thus get the real nutriment out of them. A man who hears many sermons, is not necessarily well-instructed in the faith. We may read so many religious books, that we overload our brains, and they may be unable to work under the weight of the great mass of paper and of printer’s ink. The man who reads but one book, and that book his Bible, and then meditates much upon it, will be a better scholar in Christ’s school than he who merely reads hundreds of books, and meditates not at all.”

Tips on how to implement this in your home:

Take one scripture per day for your family to memorize and focus on everyday. Take the verse reflect on it, repeat it often, and remind yourself of that verse everyday! If you do this, you and your family will be like trees, planted by streams of water, which bears its fruit in season and whose leaf never withers, you do will prosper. For the audio and entire teaching on this topic, just CLICK HERE.

We also have a podcast produced through the youth ministry where we memorize and meditate in a different scripture everyday. It’s called the “Strong Hearts” podcast. Go to your podcast app and type in “Strong Hearts” in the search bar and it should be the first podcast to pop up. Hit subscribe and memorize and meditate on scripture with us daily. Subscribe for regular updates, share it with your friends, and give us a 5 star rating on itunes. This will help us spread the word and this incredible resource to more people.


I oversee our Middle and High School Ministries at the church. I have been married to Laura McLeod since 2013 and we have one child named Luke. I graduated from Northwest University with a BA in General Ministries

  • At VCC since 2012