On Mother’s Day, we wanted to do an extra little something for our serving teams and their moms. So, in the North View Room, where our teams check-in, grab their mints and their name badges, we hosted a small raffle to give away a nice potted hydrangea. Anyone who served that day could enter to win the flowers for themselves, their mother, or whoever! VC - flower raffle

Well, about mid-way through the service, I picked a name. I waited, put a sign on the flower with the person’s name, I kept watch for someone from the family… I tried to connect the flowers to the winner! But by 12:45pm I realized that the entire family had left before picking up their beautiful plant, so I had to call an audible and find someone else I could give this away to! I couldn’t justify taking it home for myself when I was the one purchasing the flowers in the first place!

So, I looked around and ended up offering the beautiful plant to a woman who was still lingering in the lobby around 1:00pm. She told me after I gave it to her that her mom had passed away a while back, and that every time she thinks of her mom, she thinks of hydrangeas. It was a beautiful little touch from God. He knows our thoughts, and He knows the deep hurts and the longings of our hearts.

He doesn’t just know them, though… He actually does something about it. He orchestrated a crazy event of “missed chances” with this prize to bless a woman with exactly what she needed on Mother’s Day. Sometimes we miss these little touches from God, so today I’m reminded to keep my eyes open to some way God might be trying to tell me… “I see you, and I love you.”

Have a fabulous day!
(PS – If you want to be on a team, email me and we’ll find the right place for you!)