Father, we ask that your mercy and blessing would overshadow all of Europe right now.

We bring before you requests of healing, strength, renewal and restoration to the people of Brussels, and for Belgium as a whole.

We ask that you provide wisdom and discernment to the Prime Minister and his cabinet as they seek answers and solutions in response to the violation and injustice of last Tuesday. 

Please be with the families…

The widows, the widowers, the brother-less sisters, and the sister-less brothers,

the mothers and fathers that find themselves without children,

and for the children that no longer have a mother to hold in times of fear, or a father to guide them through the trials of life.

Lord, may you become their source of strength.

As Belgium mourns in confusion and in grief,

please be the God that will uphold them with your righteous right hand,

please be the God that will walk alongside them as they pass through deep and troubled waters,

Please be the God that will not leave them nor forsake them.

Please be the God that loves them and cares for them like only you can.