Lord, in your wisdom and love you made all things. And today I ask that you pour your blessing down on every man who is within the sound of my voice and all those that couldn’t be.

Bless those men who have taken on the responsibility of parent or mentor, whether the child(ren) in their lives came to them biologically, in adoption, through marriage or by divine connection.

Help those who have children in their homes to balance the demands of parenting and work with an honest awareness of joy and sacrifice.

Watch over them when things get tough; when they don’t have all the answers, when they feel frustrated and alone, when the days are too long and the money is too little, when their hearts break because they can’t do it all, or when the right words just won’t come…may they always know they are more than enough in your eyes.

Heal the wounds of those who have been scarred by the bad choices, neglect and hostility of their children. And help build a bridge of forgiveness for those fathers, who by their own account, were not always there for their kids, but who now desire to offer them that love and support the best they know how.

Lord, bring comfort and blessing to those who have no children, but long for them. And give wisdom and discernment to those who are about to become fathers for the first time…may they see each child as the precious gift they are.

Bless all the dad’s who are growing older. Who have bid farewell to diapers and school activities long ago and have seen their children pass into adulthood…continue to reveal to them their value and worth in each and every season.

And for those father’s who have lost a child Lord…only you truly know their pain. Reach down from heaven and pour out your comfort I pray; let them feel the tangible warmth of your embrace.

Lord, you knit each of these men in their mother’s womb and you know them intimately. Continue to be their teacher and guide I pray. Give them wisdom and discernment to handle every situation in a way that brings glory to you. And shower them with your love, forgiveness and encouragement in those moments when they miss the mark.

Your word says that you “will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers” (Mal 4:6). May that promise be an anchor for each of the men within the sound of my voice and those that couldn’t be.