“Why do we sing so many new songs?” “I like the old choruses better.” “Can’t we just sing hymns?”

Over the years of serving in worship ministry, I’ve heard many similar questions.  They are valid questions.  (No, I do not have answers for you.)  What I would like to share is yes, I hear you.  I hear your desire to be heard, to be understood.  I, like many of you, am a product of my generation.  My heart does a little flutter when I hear the worship choruses of the 90’s.  I grew up listening to a certain style of music, or tradition and have wrongly placed my preferences in front of my beliefs.

While I love the traditional feel and heartbeat of many older songs and hymns, I also love the fresh hymnaloutpouring of new songs from today’s modern writers.  They bring a vibrancy and passion that connects a generation of Christ followers much like the modern choruses birthed in the 1960’s-1970’s did.

Exodus 16 shares how God took care of the Israelites while they were in the desert.  He provided mana.  Each day they would gather what they needed.  Too much, and it would spoil.  (And a double portion before the Sabbath.) No one could keep what they gathered the time before.  Why?  Because God wanted a people who would depend on Him, everyday, for their needs.

It’s not enough that we’ve had good songs that fill a need in our souls years ago.  The Master Creator is Valley Christian Worshipstill making all things new.  He gives us today what we need for today.  Fresh Mana!  That may come in a new song, or a re-make or something completely outside of our preference.  I encourage you to take and eat.  Let it refresh your soul and remind you that God wants us to fix our eyes on Him and not in the past.  While we will continue to honor the amazing songs of generations past, we will also embrace the passionate and theological anthems of today’s modern hymns and chorus.

If you missed them, here are a few newer songs we’ve done the past few months at Valley!

Song: Victory
Artist: Highlands Worship
Album: Here I Surrender

Song: I Am Not Alone
Artist: Kari Jobe
Album: Majestic

Song: Thy Will
Artist: Hilliary Scott & The Scott Family
Album: Love Remains

Song: What A Beautiful Name
Artist: Hillsong Live
Album: Let There Be Light