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Beyond Western Spheres

A few weeks ago, I met one of our recently graduated seniors for breakfast. Peisong (Steven) was leaving the next day

Beyond Western Spheres2018-08-02T09:36:13-07:00

Two Congregations

Are you aware that each church has two congregations? If this comes as a shock to you, that is because churches at

Two Congregations2018-08-02T09:34:13-07:00

The City Matters

The first episode of CityGENE lays out a theology of earth; in the second episode, this focus becomes more narrow to

The City Matters2018-07-11T13:23:55-07:00

A Biblical Undeceiving

The biblical text, in essence, is a narrative – it is a story, and I am not surprised that God chose

A Biblical Undeceiving2018-07-07T19:05:04-07:00

A Theology of Earth

CityGENE is a four-part docu-series that challenges the status quo way in which Christian ministry is traditionally approached. Most stories in

A Theology of Earth2018-07-11T13:16:04-07:00