On the evening of February 11, prayers began in earnest for our dear friend, Bill Newberg.   Bill was taken via ambulance to the Emergency Room at a local hospital for an undetermined diagnosis.  Immediately the need for prayer was shared through many groups including Bill’s House Church Group and The Gap Prayer Intercessors.  After spending several days in the hospital, which included Valentine’s Day, enduring multiple medical tests, the prayers of the many Prayer Warriors were answered as Bill was released and blessed with negative test results!  Supported by his loving wife and children, Bill returned to work this week.
Bill, a strong Prayer Warrior, shared the following message in response to those who prayed and touched his life.

To all,
May God Bless you extravagantly! Thank you for your prayers and support!
Although I didn’t deserve salvation, God blessed me with an extravagant gift named Jesus.
Although I didn’t deserve a beautiful wife, God blessed me with an extravagant gift named Cynthia.
Although I didn’t deserve 3 beautiful sons, God blessed me and Cynthia with 3 extravagant gifts named Aaron, Adam & Kyle.
Although I didn’t deserve all of you in my life, God has extravagantly blessed me with your loyalty and friendship.
God Bless you all!