On January 3, we have the privilege of having two Christian women from Iran come to speak to us about their experience being held in an Iranian prison for their faith. The caption of their book speaks of the hope in a dark place; “A remarkable true story of hope and triumph amid the horror of Tehran’s brutal Evin prison.”

I read their book in anticipation of our guest’s arrival. Pastor Roger gave the pastoral staff each a copy and I read the book in about 3 days! When I was a little girl I remember reading all sorts of missionary books about people who sacrificed greatly for Jesus, or who endured great persecution for Him. This book and the story these women tell is one that reminds me of those books. I don’t want to ruin the story, but I can’t help but be almost giddy with excitement that I get to meet these women. They have inspired me, and their love and closeness to our Lord will be something I remember forever. They used their time in prison to not only be an example of a true Christian, but to fully witness and share the gospel with the women prisoners they were with, guards, and even judges.

Let’s get one thing straight, they are not into “Iran-bashing.” No, they share a story that is far too common in Iran but along the way their heart for Iranian people and those who are in the corrupt government was another reason I was inspired. They don’t hate anyone for what was done to them, even though they went through horrible situations and lost dear friends that were close to them. Their compassion, forgiveness, and genuine love for others is incredible.

Check out this link to watch a promo of their book, and check out this you tube video to watch an interview of the women.

This book is a great option for readers on your Christmas list, and January 3 is a fabulous date to invite your friends to church to come hear them speak.  They will be with us in the morning services and also in the evening. Get ready! You don’t want to be caught off guard!