Our Prison Ministry Teams have seen some amazing moves of God in this past year!

In December we were all invited to a Banquet for the Volunteers, prepared and served to us by the Mainline Inmates at San Quentin. It was very special as we sat at the table with inmates and ate a great Christmas Dinner. Valley Christian Center was honored along with the other volunteers. We received a beautiful certificate thanking us for our participation.

Also in De140331183828-t-san-quentin-demo-day-00010730-340xacember at San Quentin we were able to go Caroling throughout the prison singing to all of the men. We went through the Units where the cells are FIVE tiers high singing about Jesus at the top of our lungs.Some of the men were hanging over the side singing along with us.

Others remained in their cells…just listening. It was an incredible time!




At Deuel Vocational Institute in Tracy, we have been praying about the cross in the Chape102315937l that was covered by a large board because the Chapels are now to be Interfaith based. Well, all the crosses were covered, and then a representative from the State Prisons came and examined the Chapel and said “the boards must come down”. Then another representative has said, “no the boards remain”. So, you can see that the battle is still on. Please pray for the Protestant Chapel at DVI and that the “boards” will come down!!



Also at DVI, me are giving their lives to Jesus and being baptized! Following Chapel services and classes that we teach there every Thursday, men are eagerly accepting Jesus, dedicating their lives again and literally begging to be Baptized.

chipped coffee mugSince we are not allowed to use the Baptismal pool, we literally use an old broken cup. The men come up front and get on their knees facing all the other men and make their profession of faith. We then Baptize by pouring a cup of water over their head. As we pray over the men we see the joy, hope and work of God over each man. It is a very emotional and powerful experience!! We baptized over 40 men in the last month… and they just keep coming.

In some instances the Custody Officer is at the door waiting for them to come as we quickly baptized one after the other and then they must hurry out of the door.

Please keep praying for the inmates! they are so hungry for God!!