Several of us have been facilitating our 2nd group of women through the Celebrate Recovery Program. We take them through a step study with a different lesson/focus each week. Well, this one particular week the focus was on Forgiveness and this woman in my group stated in no uncertain terms  “I will never, never, never forgive the man that abused me!”. “Never!” This woman was so emphatic that everyone else in the group just sort of froze in place. I did tell her what the Bible said about unforgivness and then left it at that. Well, that was that!

But a few months down the road after more lessons and lots of prayer…..we prayed a lot together each week, this same woman smiles and says, “I’ve decided that I can forgive…well God can, so I guess I can too!” Everyone in the circle froze again….could this be possible?!

Yes, it is…..nothing is impossible for God. He is doing great things in the Women’s prison in Dublin, Ca.

Thank you Jesus!!