Isn’t God amazing! He knows we need help with our Hangups, Hurts and Habits “Inside” and out of Prison.

God cares; and He has taken our VCC team into the Women’s Federal Prison in Dublin, Ca.  There are 1,121 females inmate at this facility. It has been a dream for years to get into FCI with any Christian programs. Recently that has begun to happen. We were INVITED by the new Chaplain to come and facilitate the Celebrate Recovery Program for their women. Is that an answer to years worth of prayers or what…..INVITED! Thank you, Father. CR Inside

So Rachel Webb, Gloryann Labogin (from Trinity Baptist in Livermore) and myself began going into FCI several months ago.  The women have access to many programs and must “pick and choose” which they want to attend. We have had a good turn out from the beginning.

The women are open and honest. They are sharing horrific situations and parts of their lives. Every week begins with them coming in with heavy hearts and leaving praising God and feeling hope and joy.

Please pray for this program and the women at FCI. God loves each one of them so much!!