Throughout the scriptures, the importance of evangelism is greatly emphasized (Mk 16:15, Jn 15:16, Col 4:5-6, etc). Yet because God has designed each of us with different personality traits, comfort zones, and giftings, it would be unreasonable to expect all people to use the same evangelistic method while ministering, and to experience joy and success in what they are doing. When it comes to being an effective witness, “one size does not fit all.”

Let me encourage you to be you!

Each of us has been called to share the love of God with the broken world in which we live; to make disciples (Mat 28:19-20), and to create worshippers (Jn 4:24), by our own design (Eph 2:10, Rom 12:6, 1 Cor 12:28). As we embrace this challenge and partner with Jesus to reach those in the marketplace, the city streets, the coffee shops, the businesses in which we work, and maybe even our own neighborhoods, a great spiritual harvest is sure to come forth. Regardless of personal strengths and weaknesses, God desires to use us as we are – we simply need to say “yes.”

Each individual that we will meet while witnessing has been created in the image of God with value and purpose. Regardless of social status, nationality, theological beliefs, or sexual orientation, everyone is worthy of dignity and respect. If we filter every encounter through love, gentleness, and respect (1 Ptr 3:15), and seek those that God is already drawing to himself (Jn 6:44), we will eliminate fruitless arguments and uncomfortable confrontations. Our goal is to bring people closer to Christ, not push them away!

Recently before speaking to a group of men at a local state prison, I heard the Father say these words; “I am collecting my children back to myself.”

If God is truly “Collecting His Children Back to Himself,” perhaps we should ask ourselves; How can I help?