We have been given the ability to live a supernatural lifestyle.

The Holy Spirit that resides in each and every believer today is the same Holy Spirit that empowered the apostles and disciples in the scriptures (Acts 1:8)

When examining how Jesus and his immediate followers did evangelism (Matt 28:16-20), we see them do the following: they prophesied , healed the sick, raised the dead, and cast out demons (Matt 10:8). That was the Kingdom of God then, and that is the Kingdom of God now (Heb 13:8). They did not hide themselves from “sinners,” but rather sought them out (Lk 19:1-7) and socialized with them (Mk 2:13-17). Jesus and the disciples chose to be relational with “outsiders” which resulted in repentance and salvation (Lk 19:8-10)!

What is our responsibility?

Our responsibility is not to convince people to accept Christ after “hello” – that is a decision that is made over a period of time and usually through a series of events. No one can find their way to the Father unless they begin to yield their heart and are drawn by Him (Jn 6:44) – it is a process. Our focus should be to “bump” people a step closer to God than they were before we met them – from point A to B, or B to C etc. Small steps, never seeing the person as a prize to be won, but rather honoring where they are at in their journey, trusting that God will send other believer’s to assist in the process.

Will we make ourselves available to him?

We can help collect God’s children (back to him) by offering encouraging words that bring hope, direction, and spiritual insight to those that are open.We can become greater tools in the hand of God by praying in the market place for the healing of a nagging illness, a broken bone that sits within a cast, or bringing new joy to someone who is battling depression. If we say “yes,” God may call us to be a part of an encounter that sets a captive free from demonic oppression. We simply need to make ourselves available…